The travel guide

The travel guide

Tips & advice for all travellers

Do you have a particular place you want to visit? Start by saving money. Plan a trip, a hike or an excursion.


Travel checklist: Planning and organising your trip in advance is better

Before you set off on your journey, it is advisable to prepare your everything thoroughly. Simplify this task by following a checklist. There are certain things that a globetrotter needs to know.

With the help of a checklist, you can go on your holiday and not forget anything. It saves you time in planning your trip. By preparing your departure several weeks before the big day, you will avoid stressing out the day before your trip. Create your itinerary, book your accommodation, your flight, rent a car…

Travel checklist

Travel list - the essentials

Make your trip a success by packing the important items that should not leave your travel bag: administrative papers, toiletries, clothes, electronic devices… Enjoy a smooth journey.

Travel period

Travel period

Take into account the seasons to know the best time to discover a country.


Simplify your reservations by visiting websites that guarantee fast and secure reservations.


To prepare for your trip, make sure you are properly vaccinated for your expedition.

eSIM for Smartphone and Cell Watch

Travelling abroad and staying in touch with family and friends

Enjoy your trip and stay in touch at the same time with your loved ones, thanks to a variety of connectivity options. The advantage of an eSIM is that this technology allows you to stay in touch with everyone you know, no matter what city you travel to. See for more information.

Travel Agency: What about going on a tour?

A tour package is a way to experience a group experience with a timed program and bus travel. To participate in this type of trip, you can contact a travel agency. The agency will organise the trip by contacting each service provider involved: restaurants, hotels, entertainers, guides, etc.

Holiday rental

Professionals and individuals can take advantage of personalised holiday rentals.

Holiday activities

Enjoy a unique experience during your holiday on the beach.

Suitcase & Luggage

Travel in style by purchasing stylish and durable luggage.

Travel experiences

Meeting people in a foreign country forces you to ignore clich├ęs and challenge your assumptions. Interacting with the locals is the friendliest way to discover a new culture.

The most beautiful cities

The most beautiful cities

Take part in an exceptional city trip by including the most beautiful cities in the world in your tours.

The most beautiful beaches

During your summer holidays, discover a selection of the most beautiful beaches.

The most beautiful tours

Among the legendary tours to experience during your holidays, there is the discovery of Broceliande.